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The Department Serves as focal point for driving change, Reforms, Innovation and Improvement efforts within the Ministry in line with the overall framework set by BPSR, OHCSF and other Central Agencies of Government;
It also works with the BPSR, and OHCSF to identify processes, systems and service gaps and develop interventions to eliminate such gaps. The Department is headed by a Director.

    The Department is made up of three (3) Divisions namely;
  1. Reform Coordination Division;
  2. SERVICOM Division; and
  3. Service Innovation Division.

The Reform Coordination Division is further sub-divided into Programme and Planning (P&P) Branch and Policy Advocacy (PA) Branch; while the SERVICOM Division is made up of Research Branch and Publication Branch. There are two Branches under Service Innovation Division. These are Partnership and Support Service Branches
    Reform Coordination Divisions
  1. Provide advice leadership and guidance on all matters of reform and innovative practices in the Ministry, including special assignment;
  2. Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of reform activities and programmes to ensure that reform objectives are being realized in the Ministry;
  3. Conduct and support research and analysis on public service reforms implementation efforts, and in particular, those with policy implication;
  4. Disseminate information on all aspect of public services reform activities in the Ministry;
  5. Liaise with Reform Coordination Directorates in other MDAs on cross¬cutting reform issues;
  6. Maintain a regular flow of information on reform issues between the Ministry ana BPSR;
  7. Conduct surveys, internal and external, to identify impediments to high performance and develop intervention overcome challenges.

    Functions and Activities of the Department
  1. The Department has the mandate to Review and to provide the SERVICOM Charter of the Ministry.
  2. The Department is to inaugurate the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee with the approval of the Honourable Minister via the Permanent Secretary.
  3. Training and Re-training of Front Desk Officers.
  4. Sensitization of the Ministry's staff on general Reform programmes of the Head of Service.
  5. Preparation of quarterly Report for the Permanent Secretary on Federal Civil Service Strategy and implementation Plan 2021-2025 (FCSSIP25) performance.
  6. Attending Bureau of Public Service meetings.
  7. Attending meetings of Director Reforms/Head of Reforms
  8. Organising quarterly Lecture Series for the Ministry.

    Achievements of the Department
  1. The Department actively attended seven Monthly Lunch Hour Seminars organized by the Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR); interacted with participants from other MDAs and engaged in exchange of ideas on reform issues.
  2. It also attended various meetings and workshops organized by the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.
  3. It was also engaged in a repositioning process which resulted into designing a new organogram with the creation of sub-divisions such as Branches and Sections, based on the study of its functions.
  4. In line with activities from the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, the Department added a new division namely Service Innovation Division to its Organogram
  5. The Department created the Ministry’s Reform Champions as a complimentary structure to enhance the Reform Agenda. Every Department has a Reform Champion through which Reform policies are integrated in their Departmental activities, whereby helping to cascade down Reform Initiatives in the Ministry.
  6. It also institutionalized weekly Departmental meeting to serve as a capacity building mechanism and a platform for constant discussion; review and planning of Departmental activities by all staff to enable the Department perform its mandate.
  7. In order to improve service delivery, the Department set up Three (3) Front Desk Offices located on the 10th and 11th floors to attend to visitors coming to the Offices of the Honourable Minister, the Honourable Minister of State, as well as that of the Permanent Secretary.
  8. The Department hosted both the Director General of Bureau of Public Service Reforms and the Executive Secretary of SERVICOM.
  9. The Department uplifted the Front Desk/Reception Areas at 10th floor and 11th floor with befitting structures to receive visitors going to the Minister’s wing and the Permanent Secretary’s wing.
  10. The Ministerial SERVICOM Unit (MSU) was also inaugurated by the Permanent Secretary.

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