Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja
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Human Resource Management


The Human Resource Management Department is strategically positioned to coordinate the activities of the personnel in the Ministry. It facilitates the deployment of staff and provides effective utilization of Human Resource to achieve the objectives of the Ministry, job satisfaction and carrier development of staff. The Department is headed by a Director with two Divisions:

  1. Appointment, Promotion & Discipline (APD); and
  2. Staff, Welfare & Training (SW&T).

    Appointment Section
  • Appointment and recruitment matters
  • Handling of issues relating to Manpower/ Workforce Budget
  • Preparation and submission of returns on vacancy position to the OHCSF
  • Posting /deployment of Officers
  • Accepts Corps Members deployed to the Ministry from NYSC Secretariat
  • Accepts IT Students for training purposes
  • Handling transfer and secondment matters
  • Collation of Annual Report for the Department
  • Collation of Work Plan for the Department
  • Authentication of new entrance letters of Appointment with Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC)

    Promotion Section
  • Handle issues related to Promotion matters, Advancement, Conversion, Upgrading, Re-designation, et-cetera
  • Secretariat to Junior and Senior Staff Committee
  • Handling of Senior Staff Committee matters for promotion interview for non-pool officers
  • Preparation and submission of briefs for promotion of officers
  • Processed issues of advancement for Admin. Officers from SGL.08-SGL.09
  • Processed issues of COMPRO Examinations for eligible officers;

    Discipline Section
  • Handle issues relating to Disciplinary Matters

    Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) Section
  • Deal with issues relating to IPPIS Matters: Management of Staff Salaries, Stoppage of Staff Salaries, Payroll of Staff
  • Enrollment of new officers in to the IPPIS Plat form

    Variation Section
  • Process Variation Advise for staff who are promoted and also newly recruited staff

    Training/Staff Welfare
  • Provision and maintenance of Staff Bus to ease transportation challenges
  • Oversees the activities of the Ministry’s sport club
  • Processed staff request for study leave with pay, without pay, in-service training and part-time studies and also Annual Leave approval for staff
  • In charge of registration of officers into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)
  • Liaise with Federal Ministry of Health on the refund of Medical Expenses
  • Initiate and process issuance of certificate of non-indebtedness for prospective retirees as it affect the Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board (FGSHLB)
  • Facilitate welfare as incentive to boost staff moral
  • Collate and process 1st 28 days payment for consideration for newly appointed officers or posted from other state of resident
  • Facilitate the process and sensitize staff on how to apply for loan under the Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) programme
  • Process Leave Advise for staff
  • Preparation of Repatriation Allowance for retiring officers
  • Organized Lecture/ Seminar on life after retirement for Retiring Officers
  • Conducting of Send Forth for Retiring officers
  • Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan 2021-2025 (FCSSIP 25):
  • Training on Performance Management System for staff on GL.04- GL.17
  • Training on Enterprise Content Management for staff on GL.04 - GL.17
  • To ensure improve staff well-being of Civil Servant and engender a healthy working environment
  • Conduct outreach calls as assigned to proactively educate staff on services available to them
  • Process complaints following established guidelines, regulations and Departmental policies and practices and maintaining accurate documentation for complains
  • Maintain organized medical and employee records
  • Responsible for gender mainstreaming and proactive technical support to the Ministry
  • Work with all Departments and partners to ensure that gender equity principles are incorporated in to all policies and activities
  • Ensure gender integration in the day-to-day activities and programmes
  • Provide support, training and technical assistance to partners on gender and related topics
  • Plan, implement and follow up on gender related activities and provide support on counterpart staff, partners and grantees on mainstreaming gender in their programmes and activities including design and implementation of training on gender related topics

    Registry Section
  • Handle Registry matters (Open & Close)
  • In charge of the Ministry’s Nominal Roll
  • Production and issuance of Staff Identity Cards
  • In charge of Courier Services (mailing of documents)
  • Documentation of Senior/ Junior staff
  • Production and distribution of Record of Service to Retirees in the Ministry

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