General Services

The Department is responsible for the management of facilities and assets of the Ministry and has a complement of 72 staff. The Department has two Divisions:

i. Maintenance Division; and

ii. General Services Division.

Ad-Hoc Security Personnel of the Ministry

The Department supervises the following ad-hoc security personnel. It also processes monthly payment of their allowances based on their ranks and in accordance with the Extant Rules:

i. Police Officers/DSS - 38

ii. Legionnaires - 30

iii. Civil Defence Officers - 14

Facilities Managed by the Department

The Department manages the following facilities:

i. Office- 232 (Nos.) Offices spread from 1st to 11th Floors of Phase I, Federal Secretariat, Abuja.

ii. Project vehicles- 114 Nos.; both Headquarters and State Offices)

a. General Services - 43

b. Housing and Urban Devt. - 23

c. Environmental Mgt Dept. - 2

d. Infrastructure Devt. Dept. - 46

Note: The vehicles are deployed to various Departments of the Headquarters, including the Staff Welfare Bus Scheme, Utility services, States Offices and projects Sites; and

iii. Office Equipment: Photocopier Machine- 95 (nos.) of various brands which are being maintained by a contractor on retainership to minimize down time and facilitate preventive maintenance.


i. Allocation and re-allocation of Offices to Staff of the Ministry;

ii. Provision of conducive working environment for the Ministry’s staff i.e. installation, repairs and maintenance of facilities;

iii. Management of the Ministry’s project vehicles including their tracking devices for effective service delivery; and

iv. Distribution of working materials to the Nine States offices

Our Address

11th Floor Federal Secretariat, 
Central Business District
FCT Abuja, Nigeria. 
Proc. Contact: +234 7058477506 
F&A Contact:   +234 7056234357 
IDD Contact:   +234 7058486636 
EMD Contact:  +234 7058480245
HUD Contact:  +234 7058482154 
CDE Contact:   +234 7058479498 
EED Contact:   +234 7058481905
E-mail: dprs@nigerdelta.gov.ng 
E-mail: hrm@nigerdelta.gov.ng


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