The Human Resource Management Department facilitates deployment and provides effective utilization of Human Resources to achieve both the objectives of the organization, job satisfaction for staff and career development of the employees. It covers Appointment, Promotion and Discipline as well as Staff Welfare and Training.

The Department has two Divisions.

  • Appointment, Promotion and Discipline; and
  • Staff Welfare and Training Division.


  • Collated the yearly promotion briefs for Directorate Levels concluded;
  • Issues on promotion, conversion, advancement and upgrading are ongoing;
  • Staff Bus Scheme: The Department coordinated the running of the staff Welfare Bus Scheme to ease staff transportation as approved by the office of the Head of Service;
  • Cooperative Thrift and Loans Schemes: The Cooperative has secured hectares of land along the Mararaba/Mpape by-pass for sale of plots to staff who may need residential houses;
  • Group Life Assurance: The Department liaises with the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) on Group Life Assurance Scheme. Currently, Cornerstone Insurance Plc. and Laudable Assurance Brokers are the underwriters for the Ministry under the “Death in Service” Benefit Scheme;
  • Staff Training: The Ministry has organized several training programmes for the staff from inception to date. In year 2015 the following training activities have been undertaken;
  • Work Ethics: and Organizational Productivity for 127 Grade level 10 – 12 Officers;
  • Ten (10) Nos. Officers for the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF) SMAT-P Programme;
  • Interpersonal skills Improvement Workshop for grade level 13 – 14 officers of the Ministry.