Reform Coordination and Service Improvement

The Department is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Civil Service Reforms; monitoring impact; identifying challenges and reporting to the appropriate Government Agencies. The Department is headed by a Director.

It has a complement of 15 staff and made up of two Divisions, namely SERVICOM and Reform Coordination.


10.2     The functions of the Department are stated hereunder:-

                       (i)         Provides advice, leadership and guidance on all matters of reform and innovative practices in the MDAs, including special assignments;

                      (ii)       Coordinates, monitors and evaluates the implementation of reform activities and programmes to ensure that reform objectives are being realized in the MNDA;

                     (iii)      Conducts and supports research and analysis on public service reforms implementation efforts, and in particular, those with policy implication;

                      (iv)       Disseminates information on all aspects of public service reform activities in the MNDA;

                       (v)        Collects and supports research and analysis on public service reforms implementation efforts, and in particular, those with policy implication;

                      (vi)       Liaises with reform coordination Directorates in other MDAs on cross-cutting reform issues;

                     (vii)     Maintains a regular flow of information on reform issues between the MDAs and BPSR;

                   (viii)     Monitors social, economic and political trends that might affect the MDA’s implementation or support for reforms and making recommendations to enhance service delivery;

                      (ix)       Conducts surveys, internal and external, to identify impediments to high performance and develop interventions to overcome challenges;

                       (x)        Spearheads the MNDA Service Delivery Initiatives through SERVICOM Compliance; and

                      (xi)       Applying and creating new improvements in the business and re-engineering methodologies and principles to conduct process modernization in the MNDA.


10.3     The Department has been able to carry out the following activities in 2014:

                       (i)         Conducted a sensitization workshop for the staff of the Department on their expected schedule of duties, and the creation of work template;

                      (ii)       Designed work Schedules for the staff from GL10-GL17, covering Administrative and Executive Officers at the Headquarters and State Offices, while awaiting a formal schedule of duties from OHCSF for the two Divisions and all levels of staff in the Department;

                     (iii)      Set up Reform/SERVICOM Offices at the State Offices, with Schedules to cover their functions as Liaison officers and implementing officers for the schedules of the Department;

                      (iv)       Created an organogram to guide the deployment of staff to the Department.

                       (v)        Created a template in anticipation of provision of functions and designed programmes from BPSR for implementation; and

                      (vi)       Participated in the Lunch Seminar Series organized by BPSR.


10.4     On-going

Publication of Service Charter for the Ministry.

Our Address

11th Floor Federal Secretariat,
Central Business District
FCT Abuja, Nigeria
Tel. : +234 80 235 5392
Fax : +234 80 235 5392
E-mail: info@nigerdelta.gov.ng


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