General Services

The Department is responsible for the management of facilities and assets of the Ministry. It is headed by a Director and has a complement of 81 staff. The Department has two Divisions

(i) Maintenance Division; and

(ii) General Services Division.

Ad-Hoc Security Personnel of the Ministry

The Department supervises the following ad-hoc security personnel. It also processes monthly payment and allowances based on their ranks and in accordance with the Extant Rules:

(i) 09 Police Officers

(ii) 1 DSS Officer

(iii) 31 Legionnaires

(iv) 12 Civil Defence Officers

(v) 02 Environmental Corps Officers


The Department’s functions include:

(i) Transport Administration;

(ii) Utility Services;

(iii) Stores Management;

(iv) Security;

(v) Facility Management;

(vi) Maintenance Services; and

(vii) Office Allocation.

Facilities Managed by the Department

The Department manages the following facilities:

A. Office = 232 (Nos.) Offices spread from 1st – to – 11th Floors of Phase I, Federal Secretariat.

B. Project vehicles = 95 Nos; (both Headquarters and State Offices)

(i) General Services  =   37 Nos.

(ii) Housing                =   19 Nos.

(iii) Environment      =   2 Nos.

(iv) Infrastructure    =   37 Nos.

Note: The vehicles are deployed to various Departments at the Headquarters, including the Staff Welfare Bus Scheme, Utility Services, States Offices and projects Sites.

C. Store = One rented warehouse at Wuse Zone 4, Abuja; and

D. Office Equipment. Photocopier Machine = 68 (Nos) of various brands which are being maintained by a contractor on retainership to minimize down time and facilitate preventive maintenance.


(i) Allocation and re-allocation of Offices to Staff of the Ministry;

(ii) Provision of conducive working environment for the Ministry’s staff (i.e. installation, repairs and maintenance of facilities;

(iii) Management of the Ministry’s project vehicles including their tracking devices for effective service delivery;

(iv) Distribution of working materials to the Nine States offices; and

(v) Liaison with the OSGF and Central Police Station on security issues and other common facilities at the Federal Secretariat.

Our Address

11th Floor Federal Secretariat, 
Central Business District
FCT Abuja, Nigeria. 
Proc. Contact: +234 7058477506 
F&A Contact:   +234 7056234357 
IDD Contact:   +234 7058486636 
EMD Contact:  +234 7058480245
HUD Contact:  +234 7058482154 
CDE Contact:   +234 7058479498 
EED Contact:   +234 7058481905
E-mail: dprs@nigerdelta.gov.ng 
E-mail: hrm@nigerdelta.gov.ng


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