• MNDA


    The oil hub of the Nation. Developing creative
    methods of oil drilling to conserve the environment.
  • Nine States of Nigeria

    Nine States of Nigeria

    Unity in diversity. People from 9 states with
    different cultures and tribes working in uniso.
  • Niger Delta

    Niger Delta

  • Inspection of East - West Road

    Inspection of East - West Road

    Hon. Minister (Left) and the Perm. Secretary, interacting with the Site Agent of Gitto Contractors at the East-West road Section IV
  • Hon. Minister

    Hon. Minister

    Hon. Minister with the Press during the distribution of 150 Tricycles to Youths, Women in Cross River State
  • Inaugurating Community Projects

    Inaugurating Community Projects

    The Hon. Minister inaugurates Community Projects in Ogoja LGA, Cross River State
  • Chairman HOSTCOM visit Min of Niger Delta Affairs

    Chairman HOSTCOM visit Min of Niger Delta Affairs

    Min. of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani, Min. of State for Niger Delta, Prof. Claudius O. Daramola & Chairman HostCom, High Chief (Dr.) Style Benjamin Tamaranebi
  • HOSTCOM Chairman submit request document

    HOSTCOM Chairman submit request document

    Hon Minister MNDA receiving request documents from HOSTCOM National Chairman as Minister of State, MNDA watches
  • MNDA
  • Nine States of Nigeria
  • Niger Delta
  • Inspection of East - West Road
  • Hon. Minister
  • Inaugurating Community Projects
  • Chairman HOSTCOM visit Min of Niger Delta Affairs
  • HOSTCOM Chairman submit request document


Welcome to Ministry of Niger Delta Website - the most comprehensive online source of information on and around Niger Delta region. The Niger Delta, is a densely populated region once known as the Oil Rivers because it was a major producer of palm oil. This region is on the Atlantic coast of Nigeria where the Niger River divides into numerous tributaries. The region extends along the coast from Benin River on the west to the Imo River on the east. There are several linguistic and cultural groups namely the Ijaws, Edos, Urhobos, Itsekiris, Yorubas, Igbos, Efiks and Kalabaris.

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To formulate and execute plans, programmes and other initiatives as well as coordinate the intervention activities of Agencies, Communities, Donors, and other relevant Stakeholders involved in the development of the Niger Delta Region.

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E-mail: dprs@nigerdelta.gov.ng 
E-mail: hrm@nigerdelta.gov.ng


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RT @Layken_Odabo: Why is it okay to say Niger-Delta militants but it's hate speech and a visit to DSS office if you say Fulani herdsmen?


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